Talented and ambitious PUET youth – participants of the anniversary XX regional stage of the international program “Students’ Republic”

This year, under the Poltava (Semyanivka), a new Student republic was working. This is a place where everyone works in team, discuss and solve complex issues of the present and bright holiday. But after every intense, but productive work, the most important task remains – to put the reality into practice.

And what is the life of the Student’s Republic without leisure? Indeed, there are several main sub-festivals of leisure – this is a day and night parties, Holi festival, volleyball with balloons with water and a sheet, ” people curling ” – as if overturned the consciousness of leisure for those who have not seen this before. In addition to entertainment, the Republicans were offered a series of intellectual competitions: “What? Where? When? “,” Mafia “, as well as sports venues. There were contests “Miss and Mister Studrespublika – 2018”, journalistic lectures, film shows, etc.

This year, PUT students marked themselves as talented, ambitious, determined young people. Our girls, Parkhomenko Tetyana, a student of the magistrate of the specialty “Accounting and Taxation”, as well as Konnovа Darya, a student of the educational program “Commodity and Expertise in Customs”, participated in the competition of beauty and personality. According to the results of the competition, the title “First Lady Studrespublika” and “Miss Sophistication” awarded Konnova Darya, and honorable title “Miss Exquisite” was received by Parkhomenko Tetiana.