Thank you for supporting our children!

The University Administration received a letter from the initiator of the “supporting children of teachers and university staff who are actively involved in volunteering” project by Olena Garkusha. Yesterday the children spent almost the whole day with their new educators and teachers. They went down to the bomb shelter with them during the air raid alert. However, the main thing was the positive emotions caused by mastering the first robotics skills developed by our Yurii Matvienko. Here is the text of the letter and a photo to it.

Forwarded from Sky

“Good evening! We are very grateful to Yurii Matvienko and Svitlana Nestulya for a wonderful day. The children were delighted. Thank you for your understanding and friendship.

Everything will be fine.

Everything will be Ukraine”.

Thank you to everyone who cares about the fate of children and Ukraine!

University Administration