The first visit of an extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Georgia to Poltava’s PUET

On January 31, 2020, there will be a meeting with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia, Teimuraz Sharashenidze, in Poltava University of Economics and Trade. Within the framework of the delegation’s visit of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine, PUET was not accidentally selected, since the University has the Georgian Cultural and Educational Center since 2012, the purpose of which is:

-facilitating the linguistic and cultural adaptation of Georgian students studying at PUET;
-organization of cultural exhibitions, public presentations, celebrations of national holidays in order to familiarize students and teachers of PUET with the history, culture and traditions of Georgia;
-provision of additional educational service in the field of Georgian language study by PUET students;
-development of relations with the higher education institutions of Georgia, formation of a positive image of the university in the media of Georgia.

It is important to note that the university constantly cooperates with the executive committee of Poltava City Council. This time, the visit of the Deputy Mayor of Poltava on the activities of executive bodies (issues of activity and development of the humanitarian sphere), Nestulya Svetlana Ivanovna was a pleasant thing. In her meeting with the Ambassador, she emphasized the importance of cooperation in the field of education, science, culture as a basis for social development, and emphasized that the Executive Board of the City Council is currently working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a priority for Ukraine, and Georgia, in particular with regard to the quality of education. 

During the meeting of the Honorable Delegation, the first Vice-Rector of PUET, Professor Pedchenko Natalia Sergiyivna, spoke about the activities and achievements of the University, the results of cooperation with leading educational institutions of Georgia on various educational and scientific projects, in particular the Erasmus + program.

Mr. Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the Rector of PUET, Professor Nestulya Oleksiy Oleksiyowich for the establishment of the Center and consistent work in the training of highly qualified personnel both for Ukraine and Georgia. Teimuraz Sharashenidze expressed his intentions for future cooperation with the Executive Committee of the Poltava City Council and expressed his support in facilitating the close relations of Poltava region with the leading universities of Georgia.

Within the framework of the visit to the good tradition, a meeting of Teimuraz Sharashenidze with the representatives of the Georgian Diaspora of Ukraine headed by Ramaz Zarqua took place in the walls of the Georgian Cultural and Educational Center.

Let us add that Poltava became the first city in Ukraine to visit the newly appointed Ambassador on an official visit and, as representatives of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine noted, it is a good start to further cooperation. And the visit to PUET convinced the guests that it is a university that respects Georgian culture, language, traditions and is a reliable bridge of friendship between the two nations.

Therefore, we express our sincere hopes to continue to create joint educational, scientific, cultural projects and to be a center of communication between the Georgian Diaspora and Poltava.