The process of networking Ukrainian partnerships of the Creative Spark program has begun

On February 18, 2021, a meeting of the partnerships of the Creative Spark project in Ukraine took place, which is implemented with the support of the British Council.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible areas of cooperation and development of a network of partnerships of project participants. Currently, this is one of the strategic priorities of the Creative Spark program, which is why this year a pilot project was launched to elect the national Creative Spark Champion, who has the role of coordinator of the partnership network. In 2020-2021, the Creative Spark Poltava partnership was chosen as the national champion of the program (in which the University of Portsmouth (Great Britain) and Poltava University of Economics and Trade play a key role).

During the event, British Council Education Project Manager in Ukraine Yulia Sobol highlighted the vision of the British Council as a project donor, the further strategic development of the program. Inna Pakhomova, Director of the PUET Institute of Projects and Innovations, on behalf of the Creative Spark Program Champion, presented the main strategic objectives and outlined possible areas of cooperation between the partnerships. Including:

-Exchange of expertise.  Construction of permanent parterres.  Establishing quality communication.

-Strengthening the institutional capacity of partnerships.

-Cross-sectoral policy. Influence on policies.

-Project scaling.

As networking is primarily based on horizontal interaction and should be in the interests of partnerships, the event was discussed. During the discussion between the representatives of the partnerships, priorities were identified, for which possible measures for implementation were proposed. The whole discussion process was facilitated by Alyona Karavai and Karina Fursa.

As a result of the analysis of the submitted proposals, key initiatives were identified that should be implemented in the form of pilot projects:

-Visualization of experience and expertise available in the network and creation of an expert map, which will allow partnerships to involve experts from other partnerships for their projects;

-Creating a platform for communication;

-Launch of joint pilot events with monetization;

-Visualization of resources available in the network (coaches, partners).

The representatives of the partnerships were divided into working groups on the implementation of these initiatives and agreed to begin their implementation within the next four weeks. It was agreed that Creative Spark Poltava as a Champion will coordinate this workflow. Thus, the development of a network of partnerships of the Creative Spark project in Ukraine was launched, which may become a qualitatively new stage in the development of the program.