The PUET professors represented Ukrainian science in Germany

August 21-23, 2019, one of the most prestigious universities in Germany – Humboldt University (Berlin) – hosted the International Scientific Conference “Cooperatives and the Transformation of Business and Society”, organized by the Cooperative Research Committee of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA-CCR).

The conference was attended by scientists from over 40 countries who are involved in research into the issues of cooperation, the cooperative movement and the social economy. In addition to European researchers, the conference included representatives from the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and other countries.

The conference was presented by professors of Poltava University of Economics and Trade Vladislav Goncharenko and Andriy Panteleymonenko. They gave a presentation of their research and took an active part in the panel discussions. In addition, the assistant professor of the Department of International Economics Pozhar participated in the conference in absentia, giving theses on the results of his research to the materials of the conference. The ideas and developments of Poltava scientists aroused great interest from foreign colleagues. During the communication with representatives of leading international organizations and research centers of different countries, agreements were reached on exchange of experience and further cooperation in perspective scientific projects.

During the conference, Professor Goncharenko and Panteleimonenko had working meetings with Ukraine’s sincere friend, EuroCoop President Mathias Fiedler, during which the issues of attracting the potential of Poltava scientists- cooperators to joint projects with European cooperation and cooperation in building a European model of social economy in Ukraine.

Participation in the conference in Berlin by Poltava scientists was made possible with the support of EuroCoop President Mathias Fiedler, Secretary General of the German-Ukrainian Society for Business and Science (Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft e.V.) Dr. Peter Spary, as well as the organizer of the conference, Professor of Humboldt University Markus Hanisch. These people, like most Europeans, believe in Ukraine and see in it the great potential of a powerful European country.