The study of innovative European experience and its implementation in higher education by the teachers of PUET

Watching the development of modern higher education in Ukraine, we can see that these processes are caused by the development of information society which gives the priority to information, knowledge, technology and innovation. Our university goes through intensive development. We can prove this with the numerous examples of PUET teachers’ training abroad.  May 15- 20, 2017 Associate Professor of Commodity and Nonfood Items Department J. O. Basova and Associate Professor of Finance and Banking Department E.V. Yarish were trained at European universities (Slovakia, Hungary, Austria) after the program “Innovations in Higher Education: Global Trends and Regional Experience”, they were invited by the academic community after Michal Baludansky, Kosice, Slovakia.

The purpose of their training was to increase scientific and pedagogical qualifications, participation in scientific workshops and consultations. They exchanged views with leading experts, teachers and university academics from Technical University of Kosice, Miskolc University and Vienna University.

The extensive training program included:

  • process of training in Technical University of Kosice;
  • process of training in Miskolc University, Hungary;
  • process of training in University of Vienna, Austria;
  • Participation in seminar “Building modern identity: the impact of educational, philosophical, cultural and economic processes.”

Our teachers attended the following topical lectures:

  • «Pedagogical education for teachers of technical universities”;
  • «Overcoming speech and communication barriers in the study of foreign languages”;
  • «How to become the best faculty in Slovakia”;
  • «Study system in Austrian universities since Michal Baludansky”;
  • «Overcoming problems concerning high school students adaptation to university learning environment”;
  • «The most significant education reform in Central Europe of all times”;
  • «Innovations in educational process.”

The representatives of our University had the opportunity to study the European experience and improvements in educational process. They prepared a scientific article in the journal «Scientific Letters of Academic Society of Michal Baludansky».

Y.O. Basova and A.V. Yarish received certificates after the results of their training.