The University encourages the participation of students in the European Union Erasmus + CA1 exchange programs

Poltava University of Economics and Trade creates opportunities for students to open up to them world information horizons for gaining knowledge from global, not only Ukrainian sources. Thus, the university encourages the participation of students in the European Union exchange programs Erasmus + CA1: International Credit Mobility. Participation in this program offers a unique chance to study and travel in Europe.

At the beginning of the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year, five of our students went to study at the University of Foggia in the Italian Republic under the Erasmus + CA1 exchange program:

Kudryа Denis (ЕМС – 21)

Maksak Evgeniya (ГРС – 51м)

Pasko Yana (ТРГ – 51м)

Pedchenko Maxim (ТРГ – 51м)

Sorokinа Katerina (ГРС – 34)

The training period is 5 months, which will end on July 19, 2019. During this time they have a lot of impressions that they shared with us:

“We really like it here. Erasmus is a wonderful experience that helps you to develop yourself, find a way out of the situation and teach you to move out of your comfort zone, which will greatly help everyone in the future. We met here a lot of different people. The attitude of the teachers is wonderful: they can pick up a convenient exam date, provide all the necessary material to be studied. Scholarships are quite enough for life. We can even travel without problems. In general, we have a lot of bright impressions and memories. Such Erasmus will be remembered for life. “

Now our students take exams. We wish them success and an easy exam session! PUET is proud of its students! We look forward to seeing them at the university’s home.