13-14 February 2015 Youth Business Center conducted a training “Development of communication skills” as a part of the programme “Starting a Business”.

The main purpose of the training, which was held by the Doctor of Economics, Professor Marianna Volodymyrivna Makarova and University psychologist Moskovchenko Angelica Anatoliivna, was the development of communication skills.

During the training the following tasks have been completed: developing skills of persuasion; practicing skills to find arguments in order to support your position; the opportunity to develop the ability to get on the right side of people; emphasize the importance of intonation in the communication process; the opportunity to develop nonverbal skills of communication and the opportunity to learn effective ways of communication.

Next training of Youth Business Center on “How to get money to start a business?” will be held on March 13-14, 2015.