Visit of Attache, Silven Rigol, on issues of scientific and university cooperation of the Embassy of the French Republic in Ukraine

On July 19, 2018, Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET) was visited by attache of scientific and university cooperation of the Embassy of France in Ukraine, Sylvain Riholle in the framework of participation in the work of the “Trans-European Summer School of High-Tech Physics” (TESHEP), which is conducted on the basis of PUTE from July 13 to 20.

During the meeting, Rector of PUET Nestulya O.O. told Mr. Sylvie about the main directions of the University’s educational, scientific and international activities, which outlined directions for further cooperation on the development of university co-operation programs, the involvement of new partners for the implementation of academic projects and academic mobility programs.

The attache expressed his interest in normalizing the cooperation with PUET and promised to assist in establishing partnerships with the universities of France for the implementation of joint international projects and programs. A pleasant impression on the guest was made by the university’s material and technical base, PUET’s cultural and educational centers, including the French Language and Culture Center, which Mr. Sylven had the opportunity to get acquainted with during a tour of the University. Mr. Attaché also had the opportunity to visit the main attractions and enjoy the beauty of our hometown.

We hope that this meeting will be the start of a new stage in the development of cooperation between PUET and the Embassy of the French Republic in Ukraine and its universities.