Visit of Delphin Hotels & Resorts Executive Director (Turkey)

On November 26, 2018, the Executive Director of the Delphin Hotels & Resorts, Korhhan Nejadi Kirach, and animation managers of Delphin Imperial Hotel and Delphin Botanik Platinum Hotel, which is a partner of PUET for the organization of internship programs in Turkey, visited our university.

During the visit, Korhan Nejadi Kirach held a series of meetings: with the first vice-rector of the university, representatives of the International Scientific and Educational Center, during which the results of the internship of students in Turkey in 2018, and questions on improving its organization, as well as the main directions and conditions for cooperation with the organization of internships in 2019 were discussed. According to the results of the cooperation in 2018, the network of hotels “Delphin Hotels & Resorts” has shown itself to be a reliable partner who honestly fulfilled his obligations to the university and students. The first vice-rector of the university presented to Korhan Nejadi Kirach a letter of gratitude for the reliable partnership and high quality of the organization of internships for PUT students in Turkey in 2018.

The main event of the day was the meeting with PUT students, who took part in the summer internship program in Delphin Hotels & Resorts. During the meeting, the students talked about their experiences and the benefits they received from the internship, about the problematic situations that arose, and also made their proposals for change.

Finally, the students received certificates of internship in the Delphin Hotels & Resorts, and Korhan Korhan Nejadi Kirach expressed his gratitude to each student and emphasized the peculiarities of each, indicating the attention of the partner to each student.

The same day, the presentation of the summer internship program in Turkey in 2019 took place, during which Korhan Nejadi Kirach, gave a detailed account of each vacancy and working conditions.